Grass Fed, Grain Finished, Dry Aged Angus Beef

About Our Farm Beef

Our Angus beef is grass fed, grain finished, and then dry aged 14-24 days. We use no antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. Our humanely raised beef enjoy rotational grazing among many paddocks of high quality grasses where they consistently eat the most nutritious parts of the grass, along with high quality hay, while the other paddocks rejuvenate. We also provide our cattle with fresh water piped to waterers from a 120 foot well we dug specifically so they never drink from, nor pollute, ponds and streams. This makes a huge difference in their health and well being.

The last 60-90 days our cattle are given grain in addition to grass and hay. They are never confined. This grain finishing adds marbling and tenderness to the meat, enhancing its flavor. Our beef is then processed at a USDA inspected facility where it is dry aged for 14-24 days, then vacuum packed and frozen. These beef cuts will stay fresh in your freezer for over a year.

The Myers Cattle Farm is run by a brother and sister team. We are 2nd generation farmers located in Hillsboro, Tn./Coffee County. We belong to the Coffee/Grundy County Cattleman's Association, and John began serving as President of the Association in 2016. He has maintained the Master Beef Producer certification and Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certification for years.

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